Our facilities

At Chunky Monkeys your child will engage in learning activities specifically designed to meet his/her developmental needs and help him/her advance to the next level.


We focus on:-


   Instilling and extending your child's language and vocabulary

   Developing fine and gross motor skills

  Fostering critical thinking

   Encouraging positive and social interactions

   Nuturing creativity and curiosity



In each area you will find dedicated Nursery Nurses practicing focused curriculum in classrooms that are clean, and most importantly, safe.

As a parent/guardian, you will receive regular assessments through daily written reports, ongoing portfolio collections, and Parent/Key Worker meetings twice a year, so you can rest assured that your child is progressing throughout the year.




Hippo Room Age 6 weeks - 16 months.

Nurturing and Responsive Infant Care

Whether your child is 6 weeks or 6 months old, we will support his/her development and take care of his/her daily needs the same way you do. We will constantly communicate with you about all of the important parts of his/her day such as nappy changing, feeding and sleeping, not to mention letting you know about the exciting new learning he/she experiences every day.


Your Baby’s Day

In addition to providing standard care and play-time, throughout the day, your infant’s key worker will engage your child through:

   Movement:Infants use their senses and bodies to learn about the world. Our Movement Area allows your baby to move and participate in teacher-guided physical development exercises. In this area you might see soft climbers, mats, balls, push and pull toys, instruments, beanbags and baskets.

   Exploration:Manipulating objects and interacting with different materials helps babies learn early math and science concepts like size, shape and texture, and practice key skills like hand-eye coordination. In the Exploration Area, your baby will play with soft blocks, big cars and trucks, knobbed puzzles, nesting cups and more.

   Relaxation:The Cozy Area is a safe place where your infant can feel rested and refreshed. In this space, infants and Nursery Nurses quietly read books about people, animals and familiar objects and snuggle together with pillows, soft toys and other cuddly objects.


You will receive a log of your child’s feeding, sleeping, toileting and learning activities every day, so you can be confident your baby will experience a nurturing and calming environment, focused on developing positive and trusting relationships.





Giraffe Room Age 16 months - 2 years.

Learning through Exploration

Your child’s first years of life are a critical time that can determine success in school, relationships and life. As your child begins asserting his/her independence, it can be exciting and rewarding to watch. That is why Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery provides the materials to encourage active exploration and hands-on learning activities to help your child gain independence while promoting confidence in his/her learning abilities

Walking changes everything. Your toddler wants to go everywhere and do everything. At Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery, our highly trained Nursery Nurses take great care to create a well-charted toddler territory geared for exploration, excitement and exercise. Our hands-on child care programs cover as much ground as possible to help shape your toddler’s brain, personality, behavior and health.


Developing Your Toddler’s Interests through Activities

We know children learn best by having a variety of choices in a safe and organised environment. That’s why the toddler classroom at Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery is designed around activity-based Learning Centers to encourage:

   Active & Gross Motor Play:Rocking and riding toys and large climbing structures.

   Fine Motor Play:Action/reaction toys, puzzles and stacking toys.

   Imagination & Quiet Play:Items to stimulate imagination like dolls and accessories, kitchen sets and play food.

   Language Development, Music & Movement:CD players, children’s books, musical instruments and puppets.

   Creative Arts & Exploration:Art materials, sand and water table, and sensory materials.


Your Toddler’s Day

The toddler program at Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery is designed around shared learning experiences that stimulate and challenge your child each and every day. The structure of a typical day in the life of your toddler might include:

   Group activities like singing songs or exploring books.

   Teacher-initiated activities like music or art.

   Child-directed activities in our free-play area.

   A snuggly story time.

   Lunch and naptimes to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.

   Outdoor play at least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills.


You will receive a log of your child’s feeding, sleeping, toileting and learning activities every day, so you can be confident we’ve provided a range of activities designed to engage your toddler and encourage fine and gross motor skills, language development and an understanding of caring relationships.





Elephant Room Age 2 – 3 years

Creating a Love of Learning

Our program for the 2+ offers children a secure, loving environment, with an established routine and schedule. Weekly themes are introduced which incorporate the developmental goals of the program. This begins the process of a structured day where planned educational activities and creative play-time offer a balance in your 2 year olds development.  Play includes exploring the world with all senses, practicing physical manipulating objects and mastering the challenges they present, experimenting with new materials, listening to stories, making music, dancing, and helping with daily chores. In short, playing is learning and a whole lot more.

Two-year-olds are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and are developing a sense of increasing independence—making the two’s terrific, not terrible!

At Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery, the child-care curriculum is designed to support and reinforce the independence your two-year-old exhibits by providing fun and challenging activities that promote all aspects of his/her development including: self-help, language, cognitive and physical. Our rooms are designed with children in mind – shelves are open, supplies are easy to reach and tables are low.


Engaging Your Two-Year-Old’s Natural Curiosity

Our highly trained Nursery Nurses help your child meet the key milestones of this important developmental stage in a daycare environment that provides what they need most—safety, freedom within boundaries, individual attention, enrichment and praise. Each room is designed with distinct Learning Centers where your child will participate in a range of stimulating experiences.


   Blocks: Your child will develop emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically by using a variety of building materials to turn imagination into real-life creation.

   Dramatic Play: This interest center helps your child make sense of their world as they use their imagination and problem-solving abilities.

  Games & Puzzles: Your two-year-old will learn math and science concepts and develop fine motor skills by stacking, sorting, counting, putting together (and taking apart!) various objects.

   Creative Arts: Through painting, sculpture or drawing, your child will learn eye-hand coordination, small muscle control and problem solving.

   Water & Sand: Sensory experiences will provide your child with emotional outlets as well as a beginning knowledge of math and science concepts.

   Book & Storytelling:Exploring books and stories promotes a life-long love of literature and language.





Lion Room Age 3+ years 

Opportunities for Preschooler’s to Explore and Excel

The Preschool Room at Chunky Monkeys is designed to encourage your child’s growing independence and need to investigate. In our safe learning environment, your preschooler will engage in a range of activities geared to prepare them for full-time education and life beyond

Our room features learning centers equipped with developmentally appropriate materials to channel your child’s natural sense of curiosity into educational exploration.

   Construction & Design

   Dramatic Play


   Creativity & Art

   Reading & Listening

   Math & Manipulatives


Our Preschool room at Chunky Monkeys follows the Foundation Phase Curriculum, the statutory curriculum for all 3-7 year olds living in Wales.

The Foundation Phase has seven Areas of Learning, where stimulating structured play activities can be woven into the learning experiences.

The seven Areas of Learning are:

   Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity

   Language, Literacy and Communication skills

   Mathematical development

   Welsh language development

   Knowledge and understanding of the world

   Physical development

   Creative developmentcience & Sensorial


The Preschool room at Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery is registered with both CSSIW and ESTYN. We receive regular inspections, the same way a school does, to ensure our Foundation Phase Curriculum adheres to the right standards set by these governing bodies.


Your child will qualify for a free part-time Foundation Phase place at Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery the school term following his/her third birthday. For further information please speak with our Nursery Manager Amanda Bowden.





Sensory Room:-




Chunky Monkeys unique Under the Sea Sensory Room is a specially designed environment that gently stimulates all the senses.  The room consists of projection equipment, fibre optics, bubble tubes, mirror ball, mirrors, music, aromatherapy diffuser and soft cushioning enabling children to carry out a variety of sensory activities. For example singing, stories, exploring treasure baskets and playing musical instruments.

It allows children to relax in a safe and calm environment while it can also be used for therapy, learning and fun.
Relaxation is good for children’s emotional health; it gives them a chance to explore their feelings and to become interested in their environment. All children can benefit from using a sensory room to develop fundamental sensory skills needed in later life.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports the development of communication
  • Enhances sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination and cause and effect response
  • Assists the development of social and emotional skills
  • Reduces tension and increases relaxation
  • Provides fun and enjoyment
  • Improves levels of concentration, alertness, calmness & general awareness


Extra Space:-


Here at Chunky Monkeys we understand that, for a child, being confined to the same room for several hours a day can often become quite frustrating.  So, as well as our large outdoor gardens and outdoor classroom, we have also created two large indoor play-rooms suitable for use by all age group. 

Our HALL = A large open space offering our children the opportunity to participate in energetic activities and lots of very messy play! Our Hall is the perfect solution for bringing outdoor-play activities indoors, during wet and windy winter days.


Our Monkey Room = A large room that is used when special guests come to visit, easily converts into a theatre for our children’s concerts, is set up to house numerous role-play areas, and offers the perfect space for large group games.  




Outdoor space at Chunky Monkeys:-




Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery cherishes its environment and respects its tools. We understand that children like to dig. Hence, we have created a large sandpit and construction pit. We have also grown and will continue to nurture a garden full of mud and edible herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Children like to run, they like to climb and they like to be imaginative. Thus, Chunky Monkeys outside area has been carefully constructed to include a safe, artificial grass environment for children to run. We have installed a wooden climbing play structure where they can exert energy in a fun and productive way. And, as learning through role-play is so important during a child’s Early Years Education, we have installed a pretty wooden Wendy house and a large wooden pirate ship for our children’s imagination to be developed. 






After School & Holiday Club:-


Our After School & Holiday Club provides the perfect combination of recreation and education. In our safe environment, your child will be presented with opportunities for fun, socialising and learning – they’ll do their homework, get some exercise, create projects, participate in group activities and more.


Through activities such as field trips, reading, cooking, music and art, your child will explore themes like animals and the environment, science and experiments, world cultures, fitness, cultural events and lots more.