We have been awarded gold!!!!!

Last week we had some fantastic news that we have been awarded the Gold Standard for Healthy Snacks.
We have been awarded this for achieving the following standards:-
+The provision of healthy snacks and drinks
+Appropriate hygiene standards
+Provision of a suitable eating environment
+Dental healthy standards

Healthy snack guidelines were introduced due to the awareness of children (in childcare settings) being offered sugary and fatty snacks and drinks and a limited number of healthy options.

We Can Hear his Reindeer!!

It has been a very busy and exciting December so far in Chunky Monkeys and Christmas is getting so close we are sure we have heard the Reindeer!!

Lots of the children had fun having their photos taken with Christmas backgrounds. They are going to make fantastic Christmas presents.

Frozen Day was a huge success with our 2-3 year olds, they loved dressing up and the craft display is amazing!!

Message from the Director

Rhiannon, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support. If you ever need to contact her directly please email her on Rhiannon@chunkymonkeysnursery.com
Please also check Twitter and Facebook for updates on what we have been up to or what we have planned.
Please never hesitate to contact us about your child you can ring us on 01656 857342 or 07425 176175.

After School Club Fun

Yesterday was our first day of our after school club and it was a fantastic success!!! All the children had lots of fun and they are looking forward to this afternoon.
On returning to the nursery they had free play time so explored the room all our toys and role play. Then they sat down together for a light tea of pizza followed by fruit and ice-cream.

Remembrance Day

Although the children at Chunky Monkey nursery are very young we still feel it is very important to introduce them to significant days in the calendar. Their understanding can then begin and it can be built apon year on year.

The children were told what rememberence day was about and what happens and how people mark this day. We turned hand prints into poppies, made paper plate poppies and made artificial poppy bouquets. I think you will agree the wall display looks fantastic.

The Monkey Room Celebrates Snow and Ice

In the Monkey room our children will be celebrating all things snow and ice throughout the month of November. This will build up to our 'Frozen Day' in December which we will have more details on in the coming weeks.
We will be using fake snow in our sensory play and the children will be making their on snow flake. We will be in the kitchen cooking frozen cupcakes with blue icing and white stars.

Lions Roaring November

In The Lion room we have our oldest children and although their themes reflect the rest of the nursery they expand these further to include numeracy, IT and language.
Along with the other rooms upstairs we will be joining in with Dora Day on the 9th November. All day all our activities will be based around the popular character so don't be shocked if your little one comes home with a few Spanish words that day.

Hippo Baby's November Crafty play

In our Hippo room the ages range from 6 months to 15 months, however it doesn't stop them from taking part in our craft sessions and sensory play. This week we are taking our inspiration from Bonfire night with finger painting firework pictures, our babies love getting creative.
We always do plenty of activities for Children in Need and the Hippo room is always included. They can dress up as Super Heros and we will be doing Children in Need crafts.