animal initiative


Chunky Monkeys Animal Garden


Children have a natural affinity with, and curiosity for living creatures, which begins at a very young age. Thus, here at Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery we believe every child should be given the opportunity to interact with animals on a daily basis and so have created our very own Animal Garden.


Poppy & Sprout – horsefield tortoises (currently in hibernation expected to make an appearance next spring).




Bruce & George – Guinea Pigs



Our animals provide numerous learning opportunities for the children. "For instance"


   They teach our children how to NURTURE and CARE for other living things

   They teach our children about hygiene practices such as the importance of hand-washing

  They can help children overcome fear and anxiety of animals

   They teach children to be gentle, respectful and compassionate

   They teach children about the relationship between plants, people, animals and the land


"We encourage our children to learn about where things come from and there is no doubt that their learning is enriched by having animals at our nursery for them to touch, feel and learn about. Aside from the educational aspect, the children simply love playing with them and enjoy all the responsibility that comes with caring for them".


Rhiannon - Chunky Monkeys Director


* All the animals at Chunky Monkeys Day Nursery come from homes that are no longer able to provide the love, care and attention they deserve. It's our nursery policy to only offer a home to unwanted animals.