We have been awarded gold!!!!!

Last week we had some fantastic news that we have been awarded the Gold Standard for Healthy Snacks.
We have been awarded this for achieving the following standards:-
+The provision of healthy snacks and drinks
+Appropriate hygiene standards
+Provision of a suitable eating environment
+Dental healthy standards

Healthy snack guidelines were introduced due to the awareness of children (in childcare settings) being offered sugary and fatty snacks and drinks and a limited number of healthy options.

A diet including fresh fruit, vegetables and foods low in sugar and salt would help to reduce the risk of obesity, cancer and coronary heart disease in adults. By limiting the amount of sugar and saturated fats in children's diets, particularly between meals, it will help them to stay healthy long into adulthood.

We know introducing healthy snacks at a young age can promote positive change because the diet we eat as children influences our diet as adults. Our healthy snack award will encourage children to eat fruit, vegetables and other foods they may not otherwise try. Healthy snacks provide vital vitamins and minerals to help young bodies grow and develop. These vitamins and minerals are needed by teeth, bones and muscle and for many other functions of the body.

Poor dental health in children is linked to the frequency of sugar intake. Reducing the intake of sugary snacks and drinks between meals can help avoid dental decay.

As childcare workers we have an essential role in promoting the health and well being of children in our care. By setting good examples now, we have the ability to help prevent a number of nutrition related diseases and chronic ill health for the next generation of adults. We are very proud of our award and continue to maintain excellence in all areas.

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